About us

Welcome to Ashram Online.com Limited!

M/s. Ashram online.com Ltd was originally incorporated as Tatia Skylines and Health Farms Ltd in the year 1991. The company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd (BSE)

M/s. Ashram Online.com Ltd was founded with a noble vision of filling the vast space available in reaching to the customers, the value based products, available in the GREAT ORIENTAL SCIENCE AND TRADITIONS OF EAST, which are not only scientific, but are the solutions for the problems of the modern day life – styles.

To fill the gap between the fast space of time constraints of modern lives, and the resultant need for solution to the problems created by such fast race of time, the Company fore saw a big potentiality and opportunity.

Through a slow and steady growth, the company is all set to reach the masses, the most wanted products, lying hidden in ORIENTAL SCIENCE, ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE, AND TRADITIONAL RITUALS AND PRACTICES OF EAST.

By well crafting the products through its well researched and analyzed inputs of the team of pundits and oriental science scholars, the company is all set to offer to the world customers, products much needed in their modern life.

Using the modern technology and marketing platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and Direct Marketing, the company is heading towards taking a good share of market lying in this space. The company found that the quest for peace, prosperity and holistic life is unlimited and the demand for such products, which can promote peace, prosperity and holistic lifestyle based on our ancient sciences and traditions, is growing day by day.

Thus the business model of the company is designed to bring and spread a value based lifestyle enriched by ancient oriental sciences, culture and tradition, bringing a better life style and culture in modern times. We, the company find ourselves dealing in a “Product”, which has no “Borders” – thereby bringing a whole new opportunity to grow the company and benefit its stakeholder’s. The horizons are still to be set. The speed though may be slow and steady, but the Directions in which the company is heading is Right &Vast in its ambitions.